Top 5 Electric bus manufacturers in India

Electric vehicles are constantly increasing in Indian market. Here i will discuss about Indian transport sector and demand of electric scooter , electric bikes, electric cars rapidly increased in India, electric cars and 2 wheeler vehicles are visible on Indian roads. And now its time to provide the pollution-free public transport of the county.

Here is the list of top 5 electric bus manufacturers in india


TATA MOTORS known as top Electric Bus Company in India & the one of the Largest Automobile company in the world and one of the best Electric bus company in India. TATA manufacturers – Cars , Buses , Trucks , Defensive vehicles , SUVs etc. TATA is promoting Electric Buses and cars to reduce pollution and provide enhanced features for Passengers. Designed and developed by Tata Motors. TATA’s EV Nexon car was the successful variant in Indian market.

Tata Urban 9/12m AC Electric Bus

Top 5 Electric Bus Companies in India

Tata Urban is an electric bus, It comes with 2 variant 9 meter and 12 meter . With zero-emission and noiseless operations, the newly designed Electric Bus meets the requirement for cleaner public transport vehicle. TATA motors is the top electric bus manufacturer in india.

Feature and Specification

  • Regenerative braking for high efficiency.
  • Plush interior lighting , LED headlamps.
  • Utility features like mobile charging ports, Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-go connectivity.
  • Passenger information system with destination boards and audio announcements
  • High safety and security with Intelligent Transport System.


Max. Speed 75 kms
GVW17800 +/- 500 kg
Range150 KM
Charging Time
Charging Time2 to 3 hrs with Fast charging
HV Battery SpecificationLi-Ion Battery Pack- ~186 KWH (Expandable)
Motor PowerMax Power: 245 kW
Continuous Power: 145 kW
Acceleration 0-30 km/hr>=0.8 m/sec^2
<= 10.5 Sec

2. Ashok Leyland

Top 5 Electric Bus Companies in India
Top 5 Electric Bus Companies in India

Ashok Layland is 4rth largest bus manufacture company in the world. Ashok Leyland has a well-diversified portfolio across the automobile industry. This company have 9 manufacturing plants across the world, manufactures many electric buses in India, they are working to provide best possible electric buses and trucks to make India pollution free country.

Ashok Leyland Versa EV

Ashok Leyland Versa is an electric transport bus, comes with awesome performance and features. Battery 200 HP @ 500 rpm,600 Nm @ 500 rpm,Automatic.

Feature and Specification

Top 5 electric bus manufacturers in india.

Max Power200 HP @ 500 rpm
Speed95 km/h
Max Torque600 nm @ 500 rpm

3. JBM

Top 5 Electric Bus Companies in India

Top 5 Electric Bus Companies in India

JBM Group Founded in 1983, 35 Manufacturing Plants , 20,000 working Employs , 1.35 billion turn over. Headquartered of JBM in Delhi-NCR.

The Group has presence in diverse sectors like automotive, buses & electric vehicles, renewable energy, engineering & design services and railways with an infrastructure of 40 manufacturing plants, 4 engineering & design centres across 18 locations globally.


JBM ECOLIFE comes with 2 valiant “JBM Solaris ECOLIFE 9m Electric and JBM Solaris ECOLIFE 12 m Electric”, India’s first 100% Electric bus, emission free and modern design, ECOLIFE is very low maintenance electric bus . Artelectric drive technology that ensures hassle free and comfortable commute for the passengers. JBM known as top electric bus company in india.

Features and Specifications

Motor80-160 KW
Brakes EBS Electronic (dual-circuit) braking system
Tyres295/80 R 22.5 and 285/70 R 19.5


Top 5 Electric Bus Companies in India

Olectra Greentech Ltd (A Group Company of MEIL) is pioneer in electric bus manufacturing and insulators in India.

Oletcra provides flagship electric buses for India, the following models are Electric Bus K9 , K6 , K7 and Olectra-BYD eBuzz . Olectra designs comfortable and premium looking electric buses.

Features and Specifications –

  • Disk braking system
  • Fast charging technology
  • Regenerative braking
  • Monocoque chassis in-wheel drive
  • Long range on single charge
  • Passenger information safety

Top 5 Electric Bus Companies in India

RangeUpto 200KM
Speed80 km/h
charging time3 – 4 hours
Maximum Power180kW
Battery SpecificationLi-ion Phosphate
Maximum Torque1500Nm

5. Eicher

Top 5 Electric Bus Companies in India

Eicher Motors is a leader in the Light and Medium Vehicle segment and brings to the table frugal engineering, considerable after sales infrastructure, and cost-effective operations.

Eicher Trucks & Buses Introduces Zero Emissions Smart Electric Buses with smart features and good range. The Eicher electric buses have been manufactured at the company’s manufacturing facility in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Eicher is a leading buses and trucks manufacturing company in India . It has good experience in buses and heavy duty trucks.

Top 5 electric bus manufacturers in india

Eicher Skyline Pro E bus

Features and Specifications –

Eicher Skyline Pro comes with Smart Electric Bus and zero emission, Top Up Charger for enroute charging , Compliant to highest safety standards, including ‘Nail Penetration’ test for batteries.

Range 177 km
Lenght9 m
consumption0.8 units/km

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