DesktopHut for Windows 11 PC & laptop

Windows 11 does not come with any such functionality of live wallpaper so you can only use static images as your wallpapers. But i am going to show you a trick you can easily set an animated live video wallpaper as your wallpaper. DesktopHut is best live wallpaper third party software to play animated video in background as live wallpaper. Just Download DesktopHut for Windows 11 32bit and 64 bit.

What is Live Wallpaper ?

Live wallpapers are animated videos that play in the background as Live wallpaper. These are more like short video clips that play on a loop. Live wallpaper uses resources and slow down your low end PC .

Download DesktopHut For Windows 11 PC & laptop

To download DesktopHut For Windows 11 PC & laptop jus go to official site of Desktophut, we always recommend you to download any software from trusted and official source. Here i am going to show you how to download Desktophut for windows 11.

how to download Desktophut for windows 11 ?

DesktopHut Download for Windows 11 PC & Laptop 64bit , 32 bit

Download DesktopHut – Click Here

How to use DesktopHut in Windows 11 PC & Laptop ?

1.Download the program file to your computer

2. Unpack the archive in the place where you are most comfortable.

3. Run the DesktopHut.exe file and select “Choose Animated Wallpaper”, i.e. choose an animated wallpaper.

4. Don’t forget to click on ” Run at Startup ”

5 . Now you can freely choose the video you like (before that you need to download it from our gallery) and click the “Start” button.

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DesktopHut For Windows 11

DesktopHut is free tool and available for all platforms Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can enable the dual monitor mode if you have two monitor screens connected. You can even enable sound and control the volume. If the selected video file had any background music, that would be played along with the wallpaper.

There are a lot of free wallpapers available in Full HD and 4K formats. You can easily find wallpaper for your favorite game, Nature, Movie character, vehicle, or something more abstract for that matter. The wallpapers are small in size (around 25MBs) and work well with DesktopHut. If you are not able to find the perfect live wallpaper, you can also download any type of animated video from internet and set it to Live wallpaper through DesktopHut in Windows 11.

Frequently asked Questions –

How to set live wallpaper on windows 11 ?

Windows 11 does not have any official option to set live wallpaper. To set Live Wallpaper on windows 11 , we need to download third party live wallpaper software live DesktopHut.

Best Live Wallpaper software for Windows 11 ?

If you are looking for best Live Wallpaper software , there are some best and free live wallpaper software for windows 11 – DesktopHut, Desktop Live Wallpapers, MyLiveWallpapers, WallpaperWaifu

Does Live Wallpaper slow down Windows 11 ?

Live wallpapers are short animated video clips that play in the background as live wallpaper. If your PC or Laptop is old or low end then definitely it will slow down.

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